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Mattei pioneered the development of the rotary vane compressor in 1958. Since then, for more than 50 years, these machines have been used worldwide in nearly every industry and market.

Recent patents generated by Mattei’s Research & Development Department are evidence of our drive to continually exploit our proprietary vane technology and its advantages. Benefit from the performance and efficiencies of our rotary vane compressors versus traditional rotary screw compressor systems. With a focus on both current and future compressor models, Mattei will reduce costs while delivering ever increasing efficiencies.

Mattei AC Series Air Compressors

40 HP – 60 HP

AC Series sets a new standard in air compressors with sophisticated high-efficiency performance, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance.

Featuring our most advanced airend designs, AC Series must be compared on an SCFM basis – not based on HP. Why? AC Series produces more SCFM per HP than typical rotary screw air compressors.

So, to do a fair comparison you usually need to select the next smaller size. In fact, it is not uncommon to select a smaller HP AC Series model to meet your air demands.

Mattei Blade Series Compressors

34 to 70 SCFM & 157.3 to 328.5 SCM. Mattei’s Direct-Drive BLADE Series sets a new standard in industrial grade air compressors with high-efficiency performance, quiet, dependable operation and low maintenance.

Featuring quiet (as low as 67 dB(A)) cabinet enclosures, electronic controllers, energy-saving soft-start Wye-Delta motor starters, premium efficiency TEFC motors, air-cooled aftercoolers and optional heater kit for low ambient (down to +14°F) temperature protection to guard against freezing.

Direct-Drive BLADE Series combines the best features of Mattei’s legendary direct-drive “bearingless” air compressors (direct-drive, quiet cabinet, phase reversal protection and continuous, automatic and modulation control, moisture separator and zero air-loss automatic drain (shipped loose), 10-year RSU “airend” warranty) and blends it with the best of the BLADE belt-drive compressors (spin-on oil and separator filters, tri-voltage single-shaft motors, Maestro XB controller with Expansion Module/clock card for networking or setting start/stop times, radial cooling fan) in creating a new industrial class product at a great price.

Available in 208, 230, 460, 575v/3Ph/60Hz.

MATTEI® leverages the legendary durability of Mattei’s proprietary Rotary Vane Technology in offering you the Rotary Vane Direct-Drive (RVD) Series and, the Rotary Vane Direct-Drive Inverter (RVDi) Series. These are true industrial-grade single-stage, direct-drive air compressor solutions in a size range dominated by commercial-grade belt-driven designs.

Direct-drive construction is the norm in large air compressors. It eliminates the wear and tensioning problems found in belt-drive transmissions. You benefit with less maintenance and a more efficient transfer of energy. It starts with a simple jaw-coupling that direct-connects an IE3 Premium efficiency TEFC motor to the most robust and long-lasting air compressor designs found anywhere on the planet.

Mattei Maxima Series Compressors

243 through 1,206 SCFM: Maxima Series is Mattei’s commitment to energy savings and environmental protection. This energy saver is ideal as a base load machine and unrivaled in combination when using an energy saving Optima VSD compressor as a trim machine.  Together, they generate energy savings that are hard to beat.

5.1 thru 460 SCFM: Mattei’s ERC Series contains traditional open-frame air compressors designed for performance and value. Known for reliability, this series features sleek in-line construction, simple controls, quiet dependable operation and low maintenance.

ERC Series is available as a base-mounted package, mounted onto an air receiver tank, or as the energy-saving Stacked SystemTM. Stacked System packages twin air compressors on a vertical frame to consume half the floor space, and it includes lead/lag and full alternation control that automatically switches between the two to save energy or to run them both if you need more air.

ERC Series is friendly to your wallet and the environment as each holds very little lubricant (typically less than half that of a screw type compressor) which saves you a small fortune on oil changes and disposal costs. The oil filter is cleanable through 60 HP – yes, cleanable. The highly efficient mechanical air/oil separation chamber delivers high-quality air to the air/oil separator filter, so it sees very little lubricant, provides up to 10,000 hours of service and low 1-3 ppm oil carryover.

Available in 200,230,460,575v/3Ph/60Hz (5 HP, 7.5 HP also in 230v/1Ph/60Hz)

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