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From the largest manufacturing facilities down to simple home workshops, Applied System Technologies (AST) has a piping solution to surpass the needs of the most demanding applications. Our specially engineered systems have been developed over many years to incorporate the most cost-effective and efficient ways to distribute compressed air, inert gases and vacuum to where it is needed.

We offer three main piping systems; Quick Fit (14mm) for small retail and home users, Infinity (20mm-63mm) for light to medium industrial applications and Elevation (70mm-273mm) for medium to large industrial applications. All three product lines are based on the same principle of high quality and durability, with each one offering tremendous value for money in its size range.

Fast and simple, with unsurpassed quality – AST has the piping solution that no manufacturer can afford to be without.

Quick-Fit 14mm (½”)

From simple home garage users to hi-tech machine builders and conveyor manufactures, Quick-Fit meets every need. The unique features of Quick-Fit are its light weight marine grade aluminum tubing which will never corrode and its solid brass nickel plated fittings. When the two components are combined you achieve an unparalleled quality that is not found in any other piping system. Installation of Quick-Fit is literally seconds and requires nothing more than a simple tube cutter and deburring tool for even the most complex installation. Cut, deburr and push together!

Quick-Fit truly is in a master class of its own, the highest quality, the most durable and all at an affordable cost.

Infinity 20mm-63mm (¾” – 2 ½ “)

Infinity piping offers the performance of heavy, traditional steel piping, at the cost of systems using plastic. Its revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. The solid brass, nickel-plated fittings make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum pipes are so light that they can be handled and installed by one person. There’s no welding, gluing or threading; a simple pipe cutter and de-burring tool are the only tools required.

With six different piping sizes, Infinity is a sure fit for virtually any industrial and OEM application!

• Industry-leading operating turndown range.
• Wide pressure selection: 4-13 bar.
• Start under system pressure, no blow off.
• Integrated refrigerant dryer.
• In-house designed NEOS inverter.
• Smart Elektronikon® graphic compressor controller.

Infinity Drain Valves

The Infinity Drain Valve (IDV) is the most economical and efficient method of draining condensate from compressed air systems. Removal of condensate from your system is a critical maintenance requirement. Failure to carry out regular draining of condensate will result in serious disruption to production, deterioration in product quality and damage to sensitive pneumatic equipment. The IDV eliminates the risk of human error and guarantees regular/controlled uninterrupted drainage of your system.

Zero Loss Drains

The ZLD range of zero loss drains provides the most cost-effective way of draining moisture from your compressed air system. ZLD drains are the only valve in its class that has a built-in particulate strainer to prevent the discharge valve from ever getting blocked from particle contamination. High-quality state of the art electronics allow for local and remote monitoring of drain functionality.

Flow Controllers

Optiflo is designed to optimize your compressed air usage and reduce waste. Optiflo can actually increase the life of your compressor and decrease maintenance cost by saving wear and tear. All of this in addition to reducing your facilities’ energy consumption. It is a winning proposition from all angles. Optiflo provides the perfect combination of both power reduction and equipment protection from a single source. Installed downstream of your compressed air storage tank, it will enable you to accurately control your downstream air pressure to minimize power consumption of the air compressor and provide the optimum pressure control for your production equipment. The outcome is increased profitability to your bottom line.


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