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="10"]Call Lans Compressors for your service needs. Our Service Technicians are factory trained and are measured on performance and workmanship. We service and warranty what we sell, as well as all brands on the market. Lans Company takes great pride in the fact that our service response and turnaround time is fast, reliable, efficient and dependable.

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Lans Compressors offers:

Service, Parts & Accessories Air system design and installation Air auditing and leak detection Routine maintenance plans Emergency field repairs Substantial parts department Authorized warranty center Large rental fleet Leasing option available Buy and sell used equipment Lans Company is your local distribution center specializing in an extensive product line of air system accessories:


Lans Compressors is your local distribution center specializing in an extensive product line of air system accessories:

Refrigerated & Regenerative Dryers Compressed Air Refrigerated & Regenerative Dryers Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Oil / Water Condensate Separators Oil Free Air Filtration Oil Free Air Filters
Oil / Water Condensate Filters Compressed Air Filters Breathing Air Analyzers
Air Purification Filtration Breathing Air Purifiers Oil Mist Filtration
Dust Filtration Replacement Filter Elements Compressed Air Filters & Elements
Mist Eliminators Deodorization Filters Large Capacity Filters
Oil Free Compressors Condensate Separators & Replacement Parts Automatic Condensate Drains & Valves
Membrane Air Dryers Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Automatic Snap & Trap Condensate Drains
Automatic Electric Timed Drains High Capacity Heatless Air Dryers Air / Liquid By Pass Valves
Modular F.R.L. Units Energy Saving VMG Blow Guns Modular Desiccant Air Dryers
Booster Regulators Modular Compressed Air Dryers High Volume Heatless Air Dryers
Digital Pressure & Vacuum Switches Oil Mist Eliminators Energy Saving Cycling Air Dryers
Air Regulators Oil / Water Separators Water Droplet Filters
High Inlet Temperature Air Dryers Odorization Filtration High Efficiency Compressed Air Filters
Oil Less Free Air Filters Lo - Oil Guard Solid Mass Filtration
Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers Small capacity Filters Compressed Air Replacement Elements
Nitrogen Tire Fill Generators Automatic Electric Drains Air Purification Filtration
Condensate Separators & Elements Mist Eliminators Energy Saving Compressed Air Filters
Automatic Condensate Valves Maintenance Kits & Lubricants Air Cooled Aftercoolers Automatic Quik Release Drains
Radial Blowers Large Capacity Filters Oil Free Vacuum Pumps
BloVac Industrial Multi Purpose Vacuum Guns Diesel Driven Portable Compressors Oil - Flooded Vacuum Pumps
Automatic Condensate Drains Rotary Vane Compressors Moisture By Pass Valves
Rotary Screw Compressors Regenerative Vacuum Pumps Blow Guns
Nitrogen Generators Flow Control Regulators Conservair
Zero Loss Drain Compressor Oil Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pump Spare Parts Central Vacuum Systems Oil less Compressors
Coalescing Filters Compressed Air Treatment Equipment Pressure Lubricated Compressors
Variable Speed Compressors VFD Compressors Air Compressor Spare Parts
Portable Compressors Industrial Air Compressors  

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