Air Compressor Rental Rates

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Compressor Size One Shift Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
5-10HP $150 $400 $1200
15-25HP $200 $700 $2000
30-50HP $250 $800 $2400
60-75HP $450 $1500 $3000
100HP $500 $1500 $5000
Portable Air Compressors $250 plus fuel at customer expense and $15/day CA environment charge $700 plus fuel at customer expense and $15/day CA environment charge $2500 plus fuel at customer expense and $15/day CA environment charge
Hose Rental ¾” $70 $210
Hose Rental 1” $100 $300
SO Power Cord $70 $200

***Rental Protection charge is 10% of the total bill***

One shift is an 8 hour day.  

Two shifts are over 8 hours up to 16 hours per day (use 1.5 multiplier).  

Three shifts are over 16 hours per day up to 24 hours per day (use 2x multiplier)

Saturdays and Sundays are included in the weekly and monthly rates.

Delivery $250. Pick-up additional $250. Installation and removal billed at $145/hour labor.

These prices include all regular wear and tear items such as routine maintenance and oil changes for the first 90 days ONLY.  After that customer incurs normal maintenance costs.  It will be Lans Company’s responsibility to schedule and maintain air compressors and we must have access at all reasonable times to the units to do this.  Customer not to remove equipment from the location without prior written approval. Any unusual maintenance items due to customer neglect or maltreatment are not included in the above prices.  The customer is responsible for the replacement of any lost or stolen parts or equipment. 

Manufacturer warranties do not include free rental air compressors.  It is the customer’s responsibility to provide their own back-up air during the warranty repair.  We can offer rental air compressors for a fee and the customer is also responsible for installation, start-up, and removal.

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